Shopping in Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi is the spiritual gateway for millions of people all across the globe. There are some astounding sites that can invoke your spiritual sides deep down from the pits of darkness. Vaishno Devi’s divine aura is like the hub of all positive and negative energies that entices your soul’s path towards salvation. Every year tourists from all across the globe visit the place to get a glimpse of the Goddess and free their lives out of the sins of the mortal world. However, if you are traveling solo or with family, there are other activities as well that you can do after your darshan is completed. You can check some spectacular sights in Jammu and Kashmir or Katra, take a sneak peek into the local culture, taste some mouth-watering cuisines, and yes, the best part is you can do some shopping to satisfy your shopaholic side. If you are on a trip to Vaishno Devi, then here are things that you need to shop as souvenirs or as an outstanding addition to your home or closet. Have a look!

#1 Hand-woven clothes

If you are a junkie for the handlooms and you are fond of authentic, traditional weaving patterns in your attire, then Katra is definitely a shopper’s delight for you. Several shops in Katra are famous for selling embroidered fabrics that are stitched into saris, salwar suits. The Kashmiri motifs and the colorful weaves make every fabric a true gem of a kind. So do make sure to get some unique pieces for your closet. You can also buy some Pashmina shawls or a traditional Kashmiri cap or attire for yourself, your friends, or your family if you want. But don’t forget to bargain because you can save a lot when you do so!

#2 Home improvement accessories

You can find some beautiful carpets, tapestries, cushion covers bed sheets, wall hangings, lamps, and artificial floral arrangements in the local market at a reasonable price. Numerous home décor pieces are so vibrant that they will be the eye candy of your interiors and will look stunning with any free-spirited ambiance.

#3 Food items

If you are an avid foodie, or you would like to take something to munch on your way then you can buy aam papad(bite-sized mango pulp candies), walnuts, and (coconut sphere-shaped sweet) from the local shops. There are also some local coconut laddus varieties of dry food items, so make sure to check the shops for those. Also, buy the Prashad (gracious gift for the Goddess), and the red chunri (a small decorated piece of cloth for the Goddess) to offer Mata Vaishno Devi at the Shrine. The Prasad ususally has cocounts, dried apples, walnuts and dry fruits that you can distribute after reaching your home. You can also buy an idol of the Goddess as a charm for your friends or family.

Mostly the main shopping places are located at Vaishnavi Dham, Bhawan, Katra bust stand, Adhkuwari, and Sanji Cchat. But you can explore some distant places as well if you are searching for something more specific. Have fun shopping!