Tips For Parents Travelling With Kids

Getting to Vaishno Devi

Divine experiences are meant to be shared for the joy, blessings, and the feeling of optimism to multiply, creating an ambiance that helps in the spiritual healing of the body and the mind. Hence, Vaishno Devi Shrine Yatra is done best when visited with the entire family, including kids. Getting Mata’s blessings at such tender age will awaken your young one to the power and benevolence that resides in Adishakti, cleansing any negative energy that might be surrounding them. Such a spiritual experience can be deeply motivating to the child, evoking the transcendent aura that resides within each individual.

That being said, often parents are seen shying away from traveling with kids, due to concerns for their well-being and safety. The Yatra can be exhausting to the young, especially the uphill trek on the paved path that leads to the main temple or Bhawan from Katra. A small suggestion here, if you are travelling with children, then you can even choose alternate methods such as, helicopters, palki, etc. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an ordeal, provided you know the basic tips of traveling with kids. Here are a few pointers that you can refer to for your upcoming Yatra:

Make an Itinerary

The first step is to make an itinerary of the trip to the shrine, especially when you have kids traveling with you. It keeps things and plans from falling apart. Sticking to a basic timeline helps you to have a comfortable travel experience.

Time is the Essence

Since kids are involved you need to have more patience and take your time. Rushing the trip will only make the children irritable due to lack of rest and sleep. Keep enough gaps between destinations, the Yatra, and the return trip, so that the kids are replenished with energy to not get exhausted.

Travel Light and Appropriate

Try to travel as light as possible and also carry clothes that are appropriate for the season during which you are visiting. There is no need to carry water, food, and snacks for the kids on the Yatra, as there are plenty of establishments taking care of the same. If you are traveling with a baby, then we would advise you to keep the basic amenities handy like milk, baby formula, diapers, etc.

Pre-Book the Transport

Pre-booking the transport takes the edge off the travel. Transit options are numerous around the Shrine. If you think that the trek of 13 km from Katra will be too much for the children, then you can pre-book the helicopter ride to Sanji Chhat. The Temple is at two minutes distance from there. It is an affordable option to try, not to mention your children will definitely enjoy the ride. Therefore, don’t postpone your Yatra anymore for the kids. Include them in your travel plans, and have a blessed visit to Vaishno Devi Shrine.